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Mothers Milk Bank Founder, Marea Ryan, is giving hope to parents across Australia in these difficult times.

Options For How We Will Use Your Milk During Covid-19

Thank you so much for your generous gift of breast milk to babies in need. 

Mothers Milk Bank Charity (MMBC) can provide safe pasteurised human milk to babies in two different ways depending on whether you are willing or even can undertake a blood test. Either way it will be used to help Australian parents and infants in need, sometimes critically.

Would you be happy to have a blood test?


Click YES if you are happy to take a blood test as part of the normal donation process. This means your donated breast milk can be immediately processed and supplied to requesting parents almost as soon as we receive it. Your doctor can charge to Medicare because the milk is going to a charity.  However, in these difficult times, it may not be possible to organise a blood test through a medical practice. Alternatively a pathology service may be able to collect the blood test at your home.


Click NO if you are concerned about getting a blood test or your GP does not currently have the time or resources.

When you select ‘No’ for the blood test, your milk will be screened for pathogens in compliance with Milk Banking standards. 

In this case, your donated breast milk will be stored in MMBC’s ‘Human Milk Emergency Reserve’ and safely processed using precision freeze drying when requested for use in emergencies such as pandemics (Covid-19), epidemics, fires, floods, or other situations that threaten the supply of safe human breast milk to those in need.

If you have concerns either call me Toll Free on 1300 259 763 or SMS 0408 024 170

Once again, your milk donation is very much appreciated.

Marea Ryan

Marea Ryan


RN, RM, IBCLC, BMIV, Patient Educator

P: 0413 727 545
Co-Founder Mothers Milk Bank Charity. Established 2010

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Priority SMS: 0480 024 170 
Call Toll Free: 1300 259 763