Priority SMS: 0480 024 170
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Give Milk to the
Human Milk Emergency Reserve

Make freezer room but don’t waste breast milk. Donate your breast milk instead. We will pick it up.

Priority SMS: 0480 024 170       Call Toll Free: 1300 259 763       Email:         24 Hours – 7 days a week

Priority SMS: 0480 024 170
  Call Toll Free: 1300 259 763
24 Hours – 7 days a week

Donating milk is as simple as clicking the Free Milk Pick Up button

we’ll collect your milk for free

We’ll arrange a free pick up from your home… and that’s it! You can sit back, relax and feel good about the impact you’ve just made to another baby in need.

We’ll Ship a freezer box to your Doorstep for free

No need to move from where you are. We’ll express-ship to you a returnable light-weight temperature-controlled freezer box that will keep your milk frozen while it’s in transit.

or call us toll free on 1300 259 763

Give our friendly team a call on our toll free number, and they’ll walk you through the simple process and answer any questions you may have. You’ll be sent a quick health screening questionnaire to complete.


What Happens to My Milk in the Human Milk Emergency Reserve?

MMBC will have the donated breast milk freeze dried into a securely packaged powder to preserve the protective quality of human milk under optimised storage conditions and overall safety. 

This process of freeze-drying is scientifically proven and has been applied safely and successfully for many years to store vaccines without loss of function.

Who you’ll be helping

Q. What has MMBC done to protect against COVID?

Steps we have taken to protect as much as we can include:

  1. Monitoring of all personnel entering the premises including temperature testing and asking if they have any symptoms that may associate with the illness or
  2. Having all staff fully covered in the facility including hairnet, gloves, goggles, face mask, and coverall.
  3. All external surfaces of incoming donated bottles or puches are sanitised prior to entering the pasteurisation and processing area.
  4. Scheduled times and frequency of hand washing and sanitising has increased.
  5. Cleaning and sanitising of all work areas, freezers and chillers, pasteuriser, tables, trolley, has increased.


Q. How can a mother be assured that our pasteurised doner milk is safe for their baby?

  1. To ensure we are producing the safest possible product, all donated milk is microbially tested both before and after pasteurisation of every batch.
  2. The milk is pasteurised in line with goverment guidelines to ensure it is safe for the baby.
  3. Mothers Milk Bank Charity has been operating for over 10 years and in that time has never had a recall of any of its pasteurised human milk.
  4. We also have contracts with hospitals for the supply of donor pasteurised milk to Neonatal Intensive Care Units to assist critically at risk premature and very low-birth weight babies.


ASK YOUR QUESTIONS:     Call Toll Free 1300 259 763     |      SMS:0480 024 170     |

Call Toll Free 1300 259 763
SMS:0480 024 170

About Mothers Milk Bank

Since 2008, when Ruby Hunter (vale 2019) and Founder/Director Marea Ryan established the Charity, its key focus has been to improve the access to safe processed donor human milk for vulnerable communities and, specifically, babies whose mothers experience diabetes and are, therefore, in need of extra breast milk to prevent complications of this disease. 

MMBC’s freeze dried human milk emergency reserve will now be better able to provide for these vulnerable communities through express post deliveries nationwide.

Help Us

If you know other mothers who have excess breast milk, please ask them to donate their milk as well and help us to secure supply for all babies in need.

Priority SMS: 0480 024 170    |    Call Toll Free: 1300 259 763    |    Email:

Priority SMS: 0480 024 170 
Call Toll Free: 1300 259 763